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IT Guy Shares The Funniest Requests He Got That Almost Made Him Laugh Out Loud

Now, he’s an IT administrator for multiple global companies. “If there is one thing that you can count on, then it’s the stupidity of users,” Sebastian told Bored Panda. “Unfortunately, [it’s evident] every day… not kidding!” All in all, however, Sebastian is happy working in this field. “[But] if one

Trump revokes ex-CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance

(CNN)President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he has revoked former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance, marking an unprecedented use of a president's authority over the classification system to strike back at one of his prominent critics.The decision comes as the White House is looking to turn the page on

48 hours left to apply for Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin 2018

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr. threw down a heavy dose of truth with those wise words. It’s almost like he knew the opportunity to apply to Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin 2018 on November 29-30 will evaporate — in just about 48 hours — on

What People From Your Favorite Memes Look Like Now

Remember faces like 'side-eyeing Chloe' and 'bad luck Brian' well, they are all grown-up. From hilarious to downright awkward, the expressions these 'celebrities' made are forever immortalized on the web, but now so are their transformations. Just like a fine wine, most of these stars have gotten better over time. And even

Vulnerable families face energy price rise

In February, Ofgem extended the tariff to protect one million more vulnerable customers who are on poor value standard variable tariffs and who receive the government's Warm Home Discount.Since then, the global rise in oil prices has fed through to wholesale gas prices, which affect both domestic

This life-size, drivable Bugatti is made out of 1 million Legos

(CNN)Over 1 million plastic blocks and 13,000 hours later, Lego accomplished an unlikely feat: a functional Bugatti made largely out of the iconic construction toys drove down a track in Germany.It was designed and built by the same Czech Republic-based team that specializes in creations for Legoland attractions. They