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#MeToo identified a disease that infects business. We still have a long way to go

They don't make the front page, but their stories are no less important. Workplace sexual harassment is a disease that infects all industries. But for some, it can be nearly impossible to find a way out of a dangerous situation. Since January, the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund has received

How Michelle Obama’s IVF Story Could Change The Way We See Infertility

Becoming, former first lady Michelle Obama talks frankly about the infertility, the miscarriage and the IVF treatments that she and husband Barack Obama experienced before becoming parents. The news is especially poignant for women of color, who experience infertility at higher rates than the general population while being the least

Disruptive technology and organized religion

Avi Reichental Nietzsche declared God “dead” nearly 140 years ago, popular wisdom has held that science and religion are irreparably misaligned. However, at a Unite to Cure: A Global Health Care Initiative at the Fourth International Vatican Conference. This international event gathered some of the world’s leading scientists,

Twitter hires God-is Rivera as global director of culture and community

Twitter has brought on its first-ever global director of culture and community, God-is Rivera. As global director of culture and community, Rivera will report to Global Head of Culture, Engagement and Experiential Nola Weinstein. Rivera previously led internal diversity and inclusion efforts at VMLY&R, a digital and creative agency.

Lessons from building Brex into a billion-dollar startup

Henrique Dubugras Once we got our start-up off the ground, our employees were as invested in us as we were invested in them and the company. That’s because in Brazil, most of us grew up with parents that stayed their whole lives at the

Billy Graham’s Magazine Claims Christians Will Be ‘Open Targets’ If GOP Loses Congress

But the late evangelist’s ministry, the The BGEA’s official Decision Magazine made its political leanings abundantly clear in a column written by its editors last week that predicted dire consequences for American evangelicals if Republicans perform poorly in this year’s midterm elections. “If progressives reclaim a majority in Congress, not to

Jewish life revealed between World Wars

Image copyright Mara Vishniac Kohn Image caption Vishniac's daughter Mara posing in front of an election poster for Hindenburg and Hitler that reads, "The Marshal and the Corporal: Fight with Us for Peace and Equal Rights". Wilmersdorf,

‘The Conners’ Is A Reboot For Another Time and Place

“The Conners” is not “Roseanne.” Right? I mean, it sounds like a different show. The marquee star is gone, taking with her the show’s name; the new moniker suggests a nice fresh start. To me, just a regular millennial woman who didn’t own a TV she was allowed to turn