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Mental health ‘calls for flexible sick pay’

One of those was Sarah James, 58, who said she had had to take time off on three occasions, owing to periods of serious ill-health.Stress left her in a manic state, and she said she had emerged with "massive amounts of debt" - on one occasion totalling

Jewish life revealed between World Wars

Image copyright Mara Vishniac Kohn Image caption Vishniac's daughter Mara posing in front of an election poster for Hindenburg and Hitler that reads, "The Marshal and the Corporal: Fight with Us for Peace and Equal Rights". Wilmersdorf,

How to be the perfect K-pop fan

Image caption K-pop is like going down a rabbit-hole into Korean culture, says Najma Akther, pictured right Don't know the chants? Then, jog on. Before the boys put a boxfresh trainer-clad foot on to the stage, the Army will be in full

Reviving Scotland’s disappearing orchards

Orchard enthusiasts and community groups are fighting back, having completed the first national orchard inventory in more than a century. Image caption Stumps of Victoria plum trees in the Hazelbank area of South Lanarkshire Orchard Revival executive director Dr Crispin

Eurostar disruption risk in no-deal Brexit

But they are continuing to provide information to the public and businesses about the consequences if this does not happen. Credit card warning in UK's 'no-deal' plans Flights 'at risk' under no-deal Brexit No-deal Brexit planning shuts M26 overnight The latest tranche of documents, the fourth to

Jaguar Land Rover plans two-week shutdown

Image copyright Getty Images "The decision to introduce a two-week shutdown period later this month at Solihull is one example of actions we are taking to achieve this. "Customer orders in the system will not be impacted and employees affected will be paid for the duration

Scotland’s murder rate at joint 42-year low

Behind these figures are grieving families and friends and my sincere sympathies go out to all those who have lost a loved oneHumza Yousaf, Justice Secretary He said: "While the number of homicides in Scotland has fallen this year and has reduced significantly over the