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France hit by 69% rise in anti-Semitic acts

Paris (CNN)Anti-Semitic acts in France increased by 69% in the first nine months of 2018, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said Friday."The ominous sound of broken windows gave its name to this terrible episode in history: the Night of Broken Glass. "Why remember, in 2018, such a painful memory?"Because we are

Berlin recreates Nazi-baiting art exhibition from 1938

Original London show was hailed as protest against Nazi censorship of artists they labelled degenerateA Berlin gallery has reconstructed an exhibition of German modern art 80 years after it was staged in London by a group of collectors and dealers intending to cock a snook at the Nazi regimes campaign

UK Islamist Anjem Choudary released from prison

London (CNN)British Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary has been released from prison, the Press Association reported.He will be subject to a strict supervision regime, and it is thought he will go into a probation hostel instead of going home to his wife and family in the east London suburb of Ilford,

Matteo Salvini orders removal of refugees from Riace

Mayor of Italian town hailed as a model of migrant integration is under house arrestItalys far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has ordered hundreds of refugees to be moved out of Riace, a small town in Calabria celebrated around the world as a model of integration. The decision, which follows the

Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Change the Web Worldwide

The European Parliament passed sweeping copyright legislation Wednesday that, much like its privacy regulations, could have impact far beyond Europe.Critics argue that the most controversial part of the proposal will effectively force all but the smallest website operators to adopt "upload filters" similar to those used by YouTube, and apply

What you need to know ahead of the EU copyright vote

European Union lawmakers are facing a major vote on digital copyright reform proposals on Wednesday — a process that has set the Internet’s hair fully on fire. Here’s a run down of the issues and what’s at stake… Article 13 The most controversial component of the proposals concerns

How to be human: the man who was raised by wolves

The long read: Abandoned as a child, Marcos Rodrguez Pantoja survived alone in the wild for 15 years. But living with people proved to be even more difficultThe first time Marcos Rodrguez Pantoja ever heard voices on the radio, he panicked. Fuck, he remembers thinking, those people have been inside

Lira Falls to Fresh Record With No Letup in Turkey-U.S. Tensions

The grip of bears on Turkish assets tightened as the nation’s souring relationship with the U.S. added to investor concern over authorities’ inability to put a lid on inflation, sending its currency to a fresh record low and driving up bond yields.The lira plunged more than 3 percent to 5.4385

Pandora Slashes Forecast WithJewelry Maker’s Misery Deepening

statement late on Monday. The Ebitda margin will be about 32 percent, down from a previous prediction of about 35 percent.Pandora didn’t give a reason for the cut, saying it will provide details at its second-quarter earnings report due later this week. The company, which produces more pieces of jewelry